The 7 Best Hair Clay Choices for Men: Matte Your Way

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Men everywhere are using various hair styling products to look their best. While some hair gels can leave your hair sticky, creams can leave it oily, and others can't give the hold you want, hair clay is looking promising. Finding the best hair clay can be quite the feat, but it's very doable and may require some trial and error.

Hair clay is one of the few options that don't give your hair a shine to it. Not every man wants to look like their hair is always wet, but want it to be more natural instead.

Clay gives you that natural feel and hold, while still allowing you to move it around during the day.

What Is Hair Clay?

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​As the name suggests, hair clay is made from a type of clay, among other ingredients, that helps to style your hair but not clump up like some other products.

Clay is also typically the most natural product you can use since its base ingredient is usually bentonite.

These hair styling products give you a medium hold with a matte finish. Meaning you won't get that wet look or shine to your hair, it will look just like your normal hair. It's best for a relaxed, messy look.

The best hair clay will allow you to restyle your hair throughout the day, instead of freezing it in place like a gel will. That's great if you are the type of person who likes to play with your hair throughout the day without messing it all up.

How to use hair clay

​Applying hair clay is pretty much the same as using any other hair styling product. However, unlike gels and pomades, you will need to emulsify the clay by rubbing it between your hands.

Otherwise, the clay can clump in your hair, and it's just a bad time for everyone -- especially you.

To emulsify the clay, all you have to do is rub it hard between your hands. That will soften up the clay so you can spread it quickly throughout your hair. It also allows the clay to actually attach to your hair and not just sit there looking horrible.

Once you have spread it through your hair, you can style it however you like. If you want the suave look, go for it. Maybe you're more of a "just got out of bed" kind of guy -- that works too.

Whatever style you like, remember one thing. Only use a small amount of the clay, about the size of a pea. Using too much will result in your hair becoming too sticky and weird.

If you realize you need more, you can always add some later. But it's a lot harder to remove the stuff you've already put in.

Types of Hair Styling Products

Hair Pomade

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​There are a lot of hair styling products out there, so how can you make sure clay is the best product for you? It may not be, and that is something you need to decide before shopping for the best hair clay.

Between pomades, waxes, gels, pastes, clays, and whatever else, there is a lot to choose from. However, they have different characteristics and will act differently in your hair. Not to mention, some are better for specific hair types than others.

Pomade is an excellent choice if you want to play around with all the options they have. Pomades offer a wide selection of holds, styles, and ingredients, including oil-based. These are best for thick and curly hair, as it doesn't tend to add any more volume to your hair.

Waxes are closely related to hair clay in texture but can be more oily. Because of the texture, wax works best in straight hair of any length but still may need a comb to work through your hair. However, hair wax isn't very popular because clay tends to work better.

Gels are reserved for those who want extreme hold and don't mind the wet look. Once you put this stuff in your hair, you'd better love the way it looks. It's not going to move. Gels are often overlooked because many don't like the hard feel once they're in your hair.

Pastes are one of the most versatile styling products around. These not only allow you to style your hair with a medium hold and next to no shine, but they also add volume and texture to your hair.

Hair pastes can also be washed out easily and allow you re-style throughout the day.

Which is best for your hair?

That question is a tough one because everyone has different hair. You could have thinning hair, thick and full hair, straight, curly, or a unique hair type. And each different styling product will act differently depending on if your hair is naturally oily or if it's dry and damaged.

In general, if you have thick, healthy hair, you're going to be best off with pomade, clay or a paste. A gel can work, but only if you are looking for very high hold and a lot of shine.

Clays and pastes especially will give your hair a more natural look, which many men crave.

If you have thinning hair, you can still use a hair styling product you may benefit more from the best hair clay. Hair clay can add volume and make the hair follicle look and feel thicker. Clay can even help repair damaged hair and prevent dryness to the scalp, which in turn helps to promote hair growth.

How We Review

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​There is no way that we could have tried out every single product in our list. Do you have any idea how crazy our hair would look if we did? However, each product here comes highly rated and recommended by experts.

All of the information here is taken from reputable sources and guides to help you find the best hair clay for you.

We also take user experience into account. For this, we rely on Amazon customer reviews and others.

How to Choose the Best Hair Clay

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​Finding which hair clay is the best for you can be a challenge, but there are some things to take into consideration to help your hunt. For example, what kind of hair type are you dealing with, what kind of hold do you want, and, are you looking for more natural ingredients?

Every brand is going to be different in terms of how the clay feels and acts. It's essential to check out individual reviews for a brand you that interests you. However, the best thing you can do is test a bunch of them out.

Go with your gut and try out one for a while. If you discover that it isn't for you, move on to the next brand. Rinse and repeat until you find one that you love.

The Best Hair Clay Products

​These products all come highly rated from Amazon and have stellar customer reviews on them. However, that doesn't mean that any of these are going to be right for you. Be sure you test out a few and find the one you love the most.

These clays are not in any order, and all come equally recommended by us.

Smooth Viking Styling Clay

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​The Smooth Viking Styling Clay is an excellent choice for those looking for a pliable feel, yet enough hold to keep your look from getting messed up.

Made from high-quality ingredients, this clay works excellent on both damp and dry hair so that you can apply it at any point throughout your day. Also, it gives you a matte finish, for those who don't want the wet and hard look.

Smooth Viking styling clay has a solid 4.0 out of 5 star rating and a badge for Amazon's Choice, making this an excellent choice for the best hair clay.

Hanz de Fuko Claymation

No products found.

If you want more of a hold on your hair, then Hanz de Fuko's Claymation is for you. This oil-based hair clay offers a clay-wax hybrid with super high hold, but a matte finish. Claymation works great on straight, wavy and thick hair, taming it and allowing you to style it to your heart's delight.

It's organic ingredients, and an award-winning formula is only part of the reason why this clay has a 4.2 out of 5 star rating on Amazon. Oh, and it's also cruelty-free.

Hair Dough Styling Clay

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Hair Dough Styling Clay is what you need if you want to add some thickness and texture to your locks. This water-based clay allows for a strong all-day hold and enough freedom for you to restyle to your liking.

Mimicking the likes of pomade enable the clay to be more pliable and easy to control​.

Without leaving an annoying residue on your hands or hair, the Hair Dough clay is great for those with any type of hair. If that isn't enough, maybe it's 4.3 out of 5 star rating will win you over.

BluMaan Cavalier Hair Clay

No products found.

Probably one of the most exciting and attractive logos isn't all BluMaan Cavalier has to offer. This clay can both give your hair incredible hold as well as provide extreme texture, allowing you to restyle all day long.

Their all-organic ingredients enrich, nourish, and strengthen your hair from the root up.

Whether you want a messy look or smoother look, this clay works wonders for your coarse, wavy, medium or thick hair. As for what others think of it, BluMaan has a 4.2 out of 5 star rating on Amazon.

Cab's Textural Cool Dull Clay

No products found.

​While dull is in the name, that's the last thing Cab's Textural Clay is. This all-natural clay features an all-day hold with no shine and easy to clean off with its water-soluble formula. Whatever hairstyle you prefer, Cab's swill gives it a natural luster.

Cab's prides itself on being innovative and for their excellent customer service. If you end up hating this clay.

Cab's has a 90-day free return and full refund policy you can take advantage of. However, people seem to like it, giving it a 4.3 out of 5-star rating on Amazon.

Seven Potions Hairstyling Clay

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Ready to upgrade from man to gentleman, Seven Potions has got you covered with their non-greasy hair clay. This natural and organic formula gives you a flexible hold that looks natural. No grease, no residue, no shine.

Plus, Seven Potions also provides a subtle citrus scent, with a hint of musk for a natural aroma to pair with your suave hairdo.

And it seems to be working for them, as Seven Potions has a 4.3 out of 5 star rating to show off. An interesting choice for those looking for some scent to their hair that isn't shampoo.

Beautiful Bastard Clay Pomade

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Having personally tested the latest from YouTuber Philip Defranco, Beautiful Bastard Clay is a non-traditional hair clay. This clay offers a medium to low hold, unlike many others, with a great matte finish.

With all-natural, plant-based ingredients, you can be sure that what you are using in your hair won't damage it in any way.

Along with giving you excellent styling control, Beautiful Bastard also has a great scent to go with it. But if you are not a fan of scented hair clays, an unscented option is available.

While it isn't available on Amazon, their product page is easy to find and regularly offers deals and discounts to save you some dough.

Look Great Without the Shine

Classic Pomade

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​Finding the best hair clay out there may take some time, but these products can give you a place to start. Everyone is different, and your hair is unique, so take the time and find a truly great product.

Lose the gels and the creams; clay is where it's at.

Have you found what you believe is the best hair clay? Show us your hairstyles and product of choice in the comments below!


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